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Key Documents and News Articles

Compiled by members of Strengthening Sanctuary Alliance




2017 Agricultural Workforce Report (from WA. State Dept. of Employment Security)

    Published 2029


Proclamation by Governor Inslee Protecting the Health of Agricultural Workers (May 28, 2020)


Governor Inslee’s Agricultural Covid-19 Requirements (May 28, 2020)

Letter to Governor Inslee: Strengthening Sanctuary Alliance Asks for Protection for Agricultural Workers


WA. State Department of Health Reports:

           COVID-19 Cases by Occupation (June 2020)

           Shows disproportionate impact of COVID-19 on agricultural workers


            COVID-19 Cases by Race, Ethnicity and Language (July 2020)

            Shows disproportionate impact of COVID-19 on people of color, especially Latino/as and Hawaian and Pacific Islanders


            COVID-19 Death Reports (July 2020)

            Shows high rates of deaths in Yakima County


            Confirmed Cases, Hospitalizations and Deaths


Statement on COVID-19 and Risks to Farmworkers

            Signed by 12 Farmworker Advocacy Groups

            Powerful summary of the many challenges farmworker communities face that make them vulnerable to the COVID-19 pandemic.


From National Center for Farmworker Health:  COVID-19 in Rural America: Impact on Farms & Agricultural Workers



Articles: conditions facing farmworkers and their families.

Some general information, some specific to Yakima:


Pre-existing Conditions, No Sick Leave and Health Insurance Put Farmworkers at Increased Coronavirus Risk (The Counter, March 18, 2020)

Vulnerability of farmworker communities in in Florida, New York State, Washington State, and Arizona.


David Bacon, Are Washington’s Farmworkers COVID-19 Guinea Pigs?


6/19/20: “Latinos have the most coronavirus cases in Washington State.” 


Excellent general resource, for immigrant health/labor perspective:

The Stand, from the WA State Labor Council – daily section on Covid-19

Archive of news, resources, guidance  - section: Immigrant Workers

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