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Thank you for supporting Strengthening Sanctuary Alliance!

See the bottom of this page for information about how to contribute.


How you can get involved in Strengthening Sanctuary Alliance:

--Attend a meeting. Our general meetings are generally the first Monday of each month; the next one will be Monday, October 3, from 6:00-8:00 pm. Because of the COVID-19 restrictions, we are meeting on-line. For more information, or to receive a link to the meeting, write to

--Join a work group. You can find descriptions of our work groups here.

--Donate, by clicking on the button below. Your donation helps us continue our advocacy work on behalf on immigrant communities. You can contribute to our general fund, or earmark your contribution to the Farmworker Solidarity Tour. To earmark your contribution, please click on the "donate" button, add the amount you wish to contribute, and indicate in the notes where you want your contribution to go.

--Or send a check to:

   Strengthening Sanctuary Alliance

   Box 1684

   Olympia, WA.

Thank you!

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