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Strengthening Sanctuary Alliance—Consensus Decision-Making

Adopted July 9, 2018


The Strengthening Sanctuary Alliance will make every effort to make decisions using principles of consensus decision-making.  That means valuing every voice in the room, allowing time for dissenters to articulate their concerns, trying to incorporate dissenting opinions into any proposal put forward, and using inclusive facilitation procedures. 


Consensus also means that people can take one of three positions on a proposal:  Approve; Stand Aside (I disagree, but can live with the proposed decision); or Block — prevent a decision from going forward. 


Within the time frame given for discussion on any issue or proposal, we will make every effort to find consensus among those physically present at the meeting.  If consensus proves impossible, we will fall back on decision by majority rule.  In that case, at least 75% of the participants at a meeting must say “yes” for a proposal to be approved.

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