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    Immigrant Rights Resources: Reports

1. Immigrant Legal Resource Center:

   “Local Options for Protecting Immigrants: A Collection of City & County Policies to Protect Immigrant from Discrimination and Deportation”  2016

Includes County & Jail Provisions; Criminal Legal Provisions, City Provisions, Mapping Local Authorities

for direct download:

   “Searching for Sanctuary: An Analysis of America’s Counties & Their Voluntary Assistance with Deportations”  Dec 2016

2. “Five important things you need to know about DACA during a Trump presidency”

United We Dream: Sanctuary -- #Here to Stay Toolkit  Immigrant Youth Building a Movement for Justice.

3. Northwest Immigrant Rights Project   (

Education, advocacy & legal services.

“Important information about DACA” “Upcoming Community Events”

Resources: Deferred Action & DACA; Detention & Deportation Defense; Latest Immigration Updates.  Offices in Tacoma & Seattle.


4.  WA Human Rights Commission 

Information, posters on discrimination in housing and employment.

5. National Immigration Law Center

“Immigration Enforcement: Know Your Rights at Home and at Work” and other materials


6.  “National   Map of Local Entanglement with Ice”  Article/map on the degree to which local law enforcement offers assistance to federal authorities.

7. Innovation Lab, Portland Oregon

“Tool Kit for an Inclusive Oregon”

Also see their project “Immigrant U” (empowering clients to improve legal services)

8. Washington State Workers’ Rights Manual, 3rd edition, 2014. Full & abridged versions. Available Online –

See Chapter 10 – “Undocumented Workers”


9. WA State Labor Education & Research Ctr – provides online materials, and workshops focusing on a range of labor issues, including the rights/needs of immigrant workers

10. National Employment Law Project

Main office in NYC, with Seattle office, staff focusing on immigrant workers’ rights.  

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