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Coronavirus: FAQ and Resources

If you need help with translation:

Call the Community Interpreter Line: 888-429-3464

Call: the COVID Call Center: 1-800-525-0127

1. What happens to the public charge rule during the coronavirus (COVID-19) crisis?

The public charge rule doesn't apply if you need medical help or testing, or if you need your medical costs discounted or waived.

U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services has said that treatment or prevention of COVID-19 will not impact your ability to apply for a green card or citizenship.

Find further information in English or Spanish.

2. Do clinics and hospitals share information with ICE?

No. Most hospitals and clinics will not ask about your documentation status.They are not required to do it. And federal law protects your privacy. They can't share your personal information.

3. If I don't have a doctor, and need discounted or free medical care, where do I go?

In Thurston County, you can go to one of the three Providence urgent care centers.

West Olympia Immediate Care

1620 Cooper Point Rd., S.W., Olympia

(360) 486-6710

8:00am-7:30pm Monday through Friday

9:00am-4:30pm Saturday and Sunday

Lacey Family Medicine

4800 College Street, Lacey

(360) 413-4200

8:00am– 7:30pm Monday- Friday

9:00am – 4:30pm Saturday/Sunday

Hawkes Prairie Family Medicine

2555 Marvin Rd. N.E., Lacey

(360) 413-4200

7:30am – 5:30pm Monday through Friday

The clinics have translators available. They can arrange for you to be tested for the coronavirus if they think you need it.

St. Peter’s Hospital Emergency Room, 413 Lily Rd., N.E., Olympia

If the clinics are closed, and your symptoms are severe, you can go to the emergency room at the hospital. It is open every day, 24 hours/day.

4. I'm having trouble paying for my utilities. What do I do?

If you live in Olympia and pay for water, sewer and garbage, the city will not shut off your services during the COVID-19 crisis.

If you receive electricity from Puget Sound Energy (PSE) they will not shut off your service during this time and they will waive late fees.

5. What if I can't work?

You may be able to receive paid leave if a family member is sick and you can't work. You don't have to show your social security number to receive this help, but it can take a while to arrive.

You also may be able to receive unemployment benefits if you were laid off permanently or temporarily.

They have information about Seattle and about state policies as well.

6. General Information for Immigrant Workers:

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